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Additional Services

Not just clinical treatment of illness or injury . . .
As Physiotherapists by definition we are ''Exercise Specialists''. The benefit of using a physio over a fitness industry trainer is immense. We at TMP aim to 'bring back the physio.' We aspire to provide a superior level of input that is stimulating with regimes that truly are specifically personalised to client needs, interests and expectations, by doing so, enabling realisation of physical potential.

 Personal Training
Our practitioners have a specialised interest and further training in sports medicine, therefore we can help those wishing to improve personal fitness or enhance body composition. This may be useful in the following scenarios:

  • Sedentary job / lifestyle leading to deconditioning
  • Breathlessness or fatigue, individuals wishing to increase personal energy levels
  • Those wishing to train for a sporting event, return to sport, or prepare for a new sport, such as skiing
  • Improving fitness and body composition with motivation based upon a special social event of importance or to simply raise confidence and sense personal well being
  • Swim coaching and tuition on request and arrangement with your local pool facilities.

A natural therapy, ancient in origin with benefits both physical and psychological working on many levels. It is a useful 'hands on tool' of the physiotherapist, and when combined with clinical reasoning can be applied in a unique way befitting each individual to specifically focus the various benefits making it a versatile and effective treatment for a number of reasons.

It can be used in order to help prevent injury or alleviate it, perhaps simply to relax the body or in contrast bring it to a state of readiness for activity.

Clinically massage is defined as manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body used to improve circulation, reduce swelling, prevent adhesions or stiffness in tissues after injury, reduce muscular spasm and improve the tone of muscles.

Who best benefits:

  • Those experiencing stress
  • Those experiencing muscle aches after sporting activity
  • Those wishing to prevent injury (before sporting event)
  • Those feeling run down to increase energy
Whatever your reasons for requiring a massage you will most likely find one soothing, comforting, energising and uplifting.

Reiki is a Japanese words meaning 'Universal Life Energy.'

Receiving Reiki is a very simple process, but can produce profound effects. Sessions begin by lying down on our treatment couch, fully clothed, closing your eyes, listening to soothing music to promote a state of relaxation. Next the applicator will rest their hands upon or above you depending on your preference in a non-invasive manner, through a series of positions from head to foot. Each position will be held for a few minutes, during this time energy will flow into you, balancing your energy system, releasing stress, soothing pain, and promoting your body’s natural ability to heal itself. As the energy flows, most people feel warmth, or heat, or a tingling sensation from the applicator's hands, this being a very relaxing experience, some people fall asleep. The effects can be quite energising but also detoxifying.

No matter what your particular complaint, the general effect of Reiki applications make people feel more laid back, calm, less stressed and more able to cope. It has the effect of boosting energy levels, raising spirits, and makes you feel more positive about things. Stressful situations can appear to wash over you. The most effective method of concisely describing Reiki and what it does for the recipient and applicator, who shares the experience, is a 'top up' of energy in mind, body and spirit.

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