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Our Treatments

As qualified State registered, Chartered Physiotherapists we use a wide range of skills to treat a variety of problems, some examples include:

Muscle & Joint Disorders

  • Arthritis, pain, swelling, stiffness
  • Back and neck pain, 'slipped discs' , sciatica etc
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Knee problems including ligament or cartilage damage & osteoarthritis
  • Sports Injuries - to muscle, ligament, cartilage, capsule and tendon problems
  • Muscle and ligament sprains, strains and possible tears
  • Recover from trauma / fracture
  • Tennis elbow, golfers elbow
Posture, Balance & Mobility
  • Postural problems resulting in chronic/acute neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and reduced movement or these regions - in isolation or combination of variable symptoms.
  • Reduced balance and mobility, maybe affected by poor posture? or maybe resulting in it? - can increase risk of falls and reduce confidence with independent living.
  • Poor posture, impaired balance or reduced mobility of a body area can occur for a multitude of reasons, as can all of the condition types outlined above, however physiotherapy assessment and treatment is likely to significantly improve your condition.

    Physiotherapists are trained to diagnose and tell if our input is indicated. If physiotherapy is indicated we can tell you why it is indicated and how we would like to proceed before obtaining your consent prior to any treatment. Physiotherapy is a self - referring service and does not require a GPs advice before consultation even though many NHS services require a GP or Consultant referral. This situation has changed in some NHS services offering improved and modernised service provision where you can self refer by phone. If after initial consultation / assessment a physiotherapist deems their input is not indicated, or even if you require another professionals input, the physiotherapists is also trained to screen and refer you to the appropriate allied health professional or medical practitioner.

Home Visits:
Be treated in the comfort of your own home.
10% Discount for OAPs:
Favourable rates for older patients.

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